Islam Course Sparks Conversations Building Unity and Supporting Outreach

Susan Cangurel, from Madison, Wisconsin, but living in El Paso, Texas, is sharing her new knowledge about Islam in local deepenings and in dialogue with her Muslim husband, who found that he was learning as well–so much so that he purchased new Islamic reference texts about the Hadith.

I have had many discussions about the information and concepts I have learned.  Since my husband is Muslim, these discussions are almost daily–and I have found there are many elements of his own Faith that he was not familiar with or did not ever think about. This has been fascinating for both of us. In addition, I have had many discussions with my grown children and their families about what I have learned. Each week, on Tuesday evenings, I summarized new knowledge I gained at our Book of Certitude classes. It was amazing how much I could tie in to learning we were doing with the Book of Certitude, too. And the group really enjoyed the new information.

I am scheduled to make a presentation to our local Spiritual Assembly . . . , where I will summarize some important aspects of what I have learned. . . . I am also scheduled to make a summary presentation to our Ruhi, Book 2, class that I facilitate on its final meeting date . . . at the end of our regular class. I am very excited about these presentations.

There are so many topics I could address; however, time and space do not allow for them. Overall, I am able to analyze topics about Islam more positively and accurately. I better understand the contrasts, similarities, and challenges between Islam and other faiths, including the Baha’i Faith. I found that my interpretations of Islam prior to this course were short-sighted and inaccurate in some cases and that I can do a better job [in the future]. Most of all, when I communicate with my husband and with other Muslim friends and relatives, I have such a better grounding in which to dialogue with them.

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