Jean Parker Publishes “Emergency Preparedness through Community Cohesion: An Integral Approach to Resilience”

Emergency Preparedness Book CoverDr. Jean Parker, Wilmette Institute faculty in education, business, and economics courses, has just published her doctoral dissertation as a book, Emergency Preparedness through Community Cohesion: An Integral Approach to Resilience. A revision of her doctoral thesis, it looks at emergency preparedness through community radio in North Indian villages and proposes a widening array of possible reapplications in other community development fields. She also applies the process of transforming emergency preparedness education through community media to the development of community prosperity, defined simply as human and planetary well-being, anywhere in the world. Of particular note is the integration of Bahá’í consultation and constructive resilience as mechanisms in the advancement of communities towards prosperity.

The ebook can be rented ($23.48) or purchased ($37.56) from Taylor and Francis:

Dr. Jean Parker, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow
Trans4m Center For Integral Development Geneva, Switzerland

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