Join 251 First-Timers for a Discount on Your First Wilmette Institute Course

As of the end of May, 251 learners have signed up for their first Wilmette Institute course, using the US$10.00 discount launched in January. Choosing thirty different courses, the first-time learners account for 40 percent of all registrants between January and May.

Diverse group of smiling people looking upThe 251 learners are an international group, coming from eighteen countries:

  • 180 from the United States
  • 34 from Canada
  • 11 from Australia
  • 6 from the United Kingdom
  • 20 others from Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Kosovo, The Netherlands, Poland, the Russian Federation, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda

You still have seven more months in 2019 to take advantage of the $10.00 discount for First-Time Learners. That includes study-group members who are eligible for the First-Time Discount, which you will see when you register.

Unfortunately the First-Timer Discount does not apply to courses for college or university credit. But any learner can apply for tuition support, including a First-Time Learner.

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