Join the November 8 Web Talk and Launch of E*lix*ir, a New Journal of the Arts

E*lix*ir, a Bahá’í journal of the arts, will be launched on Sunday, November 8, at 2 p.m. Eastern Time (11 a.m. Pacific Time, 8 p.m. in Western Europe) with a brief introduction by the journal’s editor, Sandra Lynn Hutchison, including an outline of the issue’s contents and live readings by the authors whose work will appear in the first issue. The launch is being sponsored by the Wilmette Institute, which offers an online course entitled Practicing the Arts, during which the work of two of the poets being published in the journal was generated. After the launch, the journal will be available for online viewing.

E*lix*ir came into being to serve as a forum in which Bahá’í artists may share work and develop a deeper understanding of what constitutes a Bahá’í aesthetic. The journal will also offer readers an opportunity to keep abreast of the creative work of established and emerging Bahá’í artists, both writers and painters. Stimulated by discussion among Bahá’í artists about the paucity of suitable literary journals in which to showcase their work, the idea has been germinating for some time. Sandra Lynn Hutchison, author and former editor of a Maine literary journal Puckerbrush Review will work with webmaster J. Michael Kafes and homepage editor Shira Hollinger to produce the journal several times a year.

To attend the video launch on the web, register here.

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