Kitáb-i-Íqán Course Generates a Huge Course Project and Many Deepenings

The Kitáb-i-Íqán: An Introduction (2019)
Christopher Buck

Rick Schneider says he is exploring the Íqán with greater depth than ever before and sharing his learnings with others.

Rick SchneiderI just discovered that I did not establish a learning plan/goals. Had I submitted a plan, I think it would have been to say that I would be happy to learn anything about the Iqán—any small gem—because it’s been a lifelong quest. I am grateful for the quantity and the depth of the secondary sources provided for this course. As I prepare my course project, which will require about another year of work, I find myself adding footnotes to my annotated Iqán each time I read from these sources.

I have learned to recognize how figurative language is used in prophecy and how tools such as the appeal to absurdity and genitive metaphor played a part in contributing to the awesome power in the revelation of this mighty Book. In the beginning, I often dismissed the rhetorical aspects of the Iqán as unimportant, instead placing emphasis on what Baha’u’llah said and not how He said it. But I have learned that such an assessment is grossly unfair and incorrect.

I am currently conducting a deepening on the Iqán for friends. The material presented in this course has made a significant contribution to the quality of the deepening by opening new doors for research and by reinforcing my very limited understanding of concepts.

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