Laws of Science and Soul Unite in a Study of the Kitab-i-Aqdas

Alain ComeauAlain Comeau, a resident of Brownfield, Maine, is a climbing instructor who also enjoys hiking, biking, and kayaking. The exploration of physical reality and spiritual reality as expressed in the laws of the Kitab-i-Aqdas has enhanced his love of scientific inquiry.

There are so many details that have been explored [in this course on the Kitab-i-Aqdas], and each has given me a broader and more comprehensive understanding of many of the writings and helped clarify many questions and issues that have come up in the forums.

During this course I started a greater in-depth research into other books and writings on many key issues. In trying to understand the overall concept of religious laws in general, I just finished a book by John Hatcher on the purpose of physical reality. In it he made some interesting comparisons that for me were very enlightening. One was that, just like in the physical realm, say, when Newton, say, expounded on the law of gravity, he did not invent it; it was always a reality, and he just revealed it, and, as a reality, we abide by its principles.

. . . the comparison I found interesting was that, as physical laws describe predictable relationships among phenomena, “so spiritual and moral laws describe predictable relationships among spiritual entities. So the Manifestations does not create divine laws but reveals them to us and invites us to comply with them. He mentions that when Baha’ullah institutes the concept of the equality of men and women, He is revealing a spiritual verity that has always existed. . . . He is giving legal weight to this spiritual principle. . . . He is actuating that principal in social action by pronouncing to what extent human society can now implement and reflect that reality.”

For me this made me see the Book of Laws as a revelation of spiritual verities that are as important to our spiritual development as physical verities are to our physical development. It is a small point, but, for me, who has always been interested in science, this has made me start to go back and reread the Aqdas and probe deeper into the wisdom within. For the many years I have been a Baha’i I wish I had started exploring the depths of the writings early on, I feel I have just begun. . . .

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