Learner Examining Role of Faith Communities in Economic Planning

Economic Justice in a World of Injustices (2019)
Hooshmand Badee, Jean Parker

On March 1, 2020, John Krochmalny shared with the Institute the following immediate plans to apply what he learned in his most recent course. We look forward to hearing more from John about his efforts.

“I am going to do two things immediately:

John Krochmalny1. Starting tomorrow, I will be integrating some of the lessons that I learned from this course into the existing curriculum offered to persons in poverty or wanting to get ahead in their community. This curriculum has the support of the granting agency, Lutheran Social Services of Northwest Ohio, and concerns providing skills to persons who are either in poverty or are underemployed. The applied learning from the Wilmette Institute course involves re-defining what wealth and prosperity is as well as the importance of character and values (virtues) to wealth/prosperity and wealth generation.

2. SCORAI (Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative) is an international organization studying and seeking solutions for reorientation to a sustainable world economy. I will be presenting at their June conference about the role communities of faith can play with any positive and constructive planning on a new economy.

The Advocacy Quotient that I developed during the Wilmette Institute course continues to provide valued analysis concerning my personal walk of my talk. I have offered this rubric to other organizations who expressed interest.”

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