Learners in Public Discourse

Wilmette Institute learners often express concepts in our courses in presentations and projects designed to inform the public.

Fire, Smoke, and Climate Refugees: Sustainable Development and Climate Change Made Real (May 2019)

Two Books Published with Help from Writing Biographies and Histories Course (May 2019)

A Baha’i Student Gives a Sermon as She Graduates with a Degree in Interfaith Chaplaincy (June 2018)

A Learner’s How-To List for Engaging in Interfaith Dialogue (April 2018)

Learning How to Participate in Interfaith Dialogue and Then Jumping Right In (April 2018)

Loneliness in Social Action: Let’s Welcome Them, Let’s Bring Chocolate (Jan. 2018)

With Fingers Crossed, A Malaysian Baha’i Plans to Use Sustainable Development Concepts in Social Spaces (Jan. 2018)

Course on the Kitáb-i-Íqán Opens Student to Giving Talks and Publishing (Dec. 2017)

Five Bullet Points: Learning How to Apply Bahá’í Principles to Discourses on Governance (Aug. 2017)

Meaningful Conversations Aided by the Study of Islam (July 2017)

Kathy Gilman, Does Equality of Women and Men Mean Only Equal Pay, Equal Hiring Practices, and Equal Education, or More?

What I Learned: Stewart Matheson and the Introduction to Shi’i Islam/ (Mar. 2017)

What I Learned: Carolyn Jennings and Native American Religion and Spirituality (Feb. 2017)

What I Learned: Margaret Zambrano and the Ministry of `Abdu’l-Baha (Feb. 2017)

Wilmette Institute Supports International Academic Efforts During in Global Climate Change Week (Dec. 2016)

“Islam: An Exploration PowerPoint Shared with Community Fireside (Nov. 2016)

The Wilmette Institute Participates in Global Climate Change Week (Oct. 2016)

A Blessed Ramadan Sign Opens Doors to Interfaith Dialogue (Sept. 2016)

Building Communities in Online Spaces: An IT Perspective by Thane Terrill (Sept. 2016)

Panel for World Environment Day in Togo, West Africa Enhanced by Climate Change Course (July 2016)

John Herbert, “Spiritual Dimension of Climate Change: One Bahá’í’s Perspective” (March 2016)

Upcoming courses on Meaningful Conversation

Florida Interfaith Climate Movement Conference Contributes to Public Discourse (Feb. 2016)

Studying The Secret of Divine Civilization Increases Learner’s Comfort Level in Contributing to Political Discussions (Jan. 2016)

Sustainable Development Goals and Spiritual Development: How You Can Help (Jan. 2016)

Interfaith Climate Group Inspired by a Wilmette Institute Course (Oct. 2013)

Gainesville, Florida Interfaith Climate Group: An Update on a Project Inspired by a Wilmette Institute Course (Dec. 2014)

Rethinking Thanksgiving–And How You Can Reframe Your Celebration (Nov. 2013)

Website Clarifying the True Story of Thanksgiving Expands Its Content and Audience (Dec. 2013)

First Thanksgiving Coloring Book Prompts Much Discussion in a Children’s Class: Ideas for Changing Perceptions About Native Americans (Nov. 2014)



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