Learners Involved in Local Efforts

Wilmette Institute learners often make presentations based on their courses in study circles, deepenings, firesides, neighborhood projects, children and youth classes, Feasts, and other venues.

Bahá’u’lláh’s Early Mystic Writings, the Seven and Four Valleys, and Outreach to Bahá’ís and Muslims (May 2019)

An Australian Bahá’í’s Journey in Interfaith Dialogue, Part 2: From Learning to Action in and outside Ruhi Classes (May 2019)

Learnings from Health Care and Social Action Course have Snowballed (July 2018)

New Insights Help a Teacher Cultivate Empowerment and Oneness (July 2018)

Learnings from the Health Care and Social Action Course (June 2018)

Climate Change Now a Normal Part of Activity in High Point, N.C. (June 2018)

Unexpected: How a Pioneer Achieved His Goals in a Course on Shoghi Effendi

Using the Kitab-i-Iqan to Teach Evangelical Christians in Nigeria (February 2018)

A Rochester Baha’i Coordinates Sustainable Learnings with Core-Activities (January 2018)

New Actions and Attitudes Emerge from Climate Change Course (July 2017)

How Ordinary People Have Done Extraordinary Things: Two Students Learn Skills in “Writing Biographies and Histories 2016 (May 2017)

Islam for Deepening and Dialogue Engenders Reflection and Outreach (December 2016)

Health Care and Social Action: A Place for Social Workers to Contribute to the Five Year Plan (October 2016)

A Fireside and Presentations to Two Youth Groups (July 2016)

Reflections on the Climate Change 2016 course (June 2016)

Wilmette Institute Course Sparks Long Distance Accompaniment (April 2016)

Century of Light Gives Learner New Historical Insights and Determination to Use Them in Ruhi Courses (Mar. 2016)


Contributing to Community Building through Presentations and a Devotional (Feb. 2016)

Learner Shares “Time and the Bahá’í Calendar” with an Agnostic, a Christian, and a Bahá’í (Jan. 2016)

Sustainable Development Goals and Spiritual Development: How You Can Help (Jan. 2016)

The Benefits of Studying Native American Religious Figures and Ideas (Dec. 2015)

You Never Know What Effects Learnings from a Wilmette Institute Course Will Have (Nov. 2015)

The Climate-Change Course Sets a Seventy Something Mugwump Grandfather on a Path of Giving Courses and Talks (Oct. 2015)

Presentation on Shaykhism by John Cotton (Jan. 2015)

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