Style Sheet

This is the beginnings of a style sheet for items that are to be published on our web site.

  1. Number the pages.
  2. Sentences should be separated by one space only. To remove extra spaces, use the find and replace feature to find 2 and 3 spaces and replace with 1 space.
  3. Put accents on Bahá’í, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, and other Persian and Arabic words, unless you are quoting a source; in that case, use the spellings given in the text quoted.
    – Use Alt + 160 for “á”
    – Use Alt + 161 for “í”
  4. The Wilmette Institute does not use underdots or underlines in its transliterations because the web software does not support them well. For ayns (as in `Abdu’l-Bahá) use a single open quotation mark.
  5. Carefully check all quotations to be sure you have reproduced them exactly (including capital letters, misspellings, etc.).
  6. Be consistent with number of spaces between paragraphs.
  7. Indicate ellipses (. . .) in works quoted as follows:
    – 3 spaced ellipses points if a word or phrase is deleted within a sentence
    – 4 spaced ellipses points if part of a sentence is deleted and then the quotation goes on with the next sentence (then it would period + 3 spaced periods).
  8. Use italics for book titles, such as The Bahá’í World.
  9. Footnote all sources that are used. A footnote number at the end of each paragraph listing the sources used in that paragraph in order used is acceptable.

The Wilmette Institute uses The Chicago Manual of Style for its editing standards.

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