Learning How to Study the Baha’i Writings

Thelma Konstantinidou of Volos, Greece, listed the insights she acquired from the course How to Study the Baha’i Writings:

The major insight is that it IS possible to improve my understanding of the Baha’i writings by applying the “windows” of this course. The “windows” offer a systematic process of studying the writings.

I also acquired heightened understanding of Shoghi Effendi’s authoritative writings on Baha’u’llah and `Abdu’l-Baha. I have learned to turn to Shoghi Effend’si writings on a work when beginning to study it.

I gained these skills:

▪  Pay close attention or listen closely to each word.
▪  Look up words I think I know.
▪  Set aside time for daily study.
▪  Have the courage to form and express understandings.
▪  Have patience and determination.
▪  Become aware of how I approach the study of the Baha’i writings.

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