Letter to the Editor: A Pat on the Back for a Future Virtual University

“The Wilmette Institute courses are a joy to me, and, if I can, I participate in one at least annually. The mentors, the ease of use, the forums and sharing, the access to material and references, even the camaraderie, are all a joy and most enlightening as well as uplifting. Educationally, these courses are sound and thoughtful, and full of new revelations and surprises about the depth and breadth of this new millennium in religious history, the sacrifices of its heroes and heroines, its everyday people, and its pure of heart and keen of mind. It is a privilege to participate with such a sense of freedom of expression and the ability to both quest and question. Special thanks to Rob Stockman and staff for all his and their hard years of development and babysitting this child, this future virtual university of such value to all Bahá’ís and Bahá’í institutions.” RODNEY RICHARDS, Yardville, New Jersey, USA

Rodney Richards, after almost four decades as a contracts manager for Information Technology and Energy for the State of New Jersey, has become a writer, publishing in 2013 his memoir Episodes about being bipolar. He now spends parts of three days a week teaching creative writing and business writing and also volunteering. He loves Wilmette Institute courses and recommends them to everyone.


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