The histories page is a place where we will publish personal accounts of how people have become Baha’is, short bios of memorable figures, and accounts of local Baha’i communities. We hope we will receive many submissions. Each submission will be reviewed by a task force of the Wilmette Institute, will be edited for grammar and accuracy, and will be posted to our site. We encourage people to submit photos so that the histories will be amply illustrated. We have taken our inspiration from a similar website in Britain, http://bahaihistoryuk.wordpress.com/ .

These stories are personal recollections by the individuals concerned. They will inevitably contain omissions and they reflect the views of the individual author in each case. We cannot vouch for the authenticity or completeness of any of the ‘histories,’ although all stories are subjected to an editorial review. We urge readers who may have additional information that is pertinent to any story to post a comment, which may be viewed by all visitors to the site.

We would like to encourage EVERYONE to write their Baha’i history. We hope this site will be an encouragement of such efforts, an inspiration to many, and a reminder of the importance of recording our history for posterity.

For more information, contact us at wi@usbnc.org.

Patricia Gorman, Edna McKinney Tibbetts (1882-1930; an early American Baha’i)