Local Study Groups: Now, Make them as Big as You Want!

As of December 1, the Wilmette Institute is removing the maximum size cap on its local study groups. Previously, groups could have up to six members, and the Institute made exceptions when requested to add a seventh or eighth member. Now there will be no limitation on registering as many members as desired.

“We have changed our fee structure to accommodate a wider range of group sizes,” explained Robert Stockman, the Institute’s Director. “Our original group fee was two and a half times the fee for an individual. But that made it impossible for a couple to take one of our courses together without paying more per person. People who got a 20% discount—seniors, students, and pioneers—were penalized so much, they didn’t want to form small groups at all. But on the other hand, if groups were very large, they cost the Institute too much to serve them, hence we had to cap registration at six.”

The new fee starts with the regular individual rate to set up the group and register the first member, plus a separate fee equal to sixty percent of the individual rate for each additional member. Thus two people pay an average of 80% the individual rate each; a twenty percent discount, a nice savings for a couple and a rate equal to two individual senior citizens registrations. Thus, anyone can form groups. As the group gets larger, the amount each group member must pay drops somewhat, but not so much that the Wilmette Institute can’t afford very large groups.

“We are hoping this new fee structure will help everyone to enjoy our courses and while guaranteeing the Wilmette Institute the income it needs to continue into the future,” Dr. Stockman added.

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