Long Time, No See: Community Outreach Survey

If you received an email with the subject “Wilmette Institute Community Outreach 2019,” please do not ignore it. It contains a brief survey (10 questions) asking about your experiences—good, bad or indifferent—with the Institute. The survey should take about 5 minutes. Your participation will help the Wilmette Institute as it strives to serve the needs of its online learning community.

Link to Survey: https://forms.gle/gz6mK9anYSDwFrAw8

Background: The staff of the Wilmette Institute have been delving into its records to learn more about its learners. In April the Institute reviewed the results of its Study Group Survey and interviewed several former study group members. As a result, the Study Group guidance on the Institute’s website has been thoroughly revised, and new guidance has been added to all the course registration pages. In May, 354 first-time learners, and 28 learners who had taken at least one course each year over the last five years, were offered a discount on their next course. In June, the Institute decided to reach out to learners who had not taken a course in the past four or more years.

How do I Claim the Gift Voucher? After you have completed the survey, email learn@wilmetteinstitute.org. Tell us your name and the name of the course you want to take, and within 24 hours you will receive the voucher with a discount code and a registration link.

Which courses can I choose from? Vouchers are available for any of the 2019 courses in the Institute’s online Schedule. This includes 21 regular courses, two college level courses, and eight “365” courses from the Marriage and Family Department, which can be taken on demand.

How do I Apply the Voucher? Your Voucher contains a code with a sequence of five random letters and numbers. On the payment page you will see a box labeled “Enter your discount code.” Type the code into the box and click or tap “Apply.” Your Order Total will change to reflect the discount.


Note on Anonymity. The survey is not anonymous, but you can be assured that your responses will remain confidential. If you have feedback for the Wilmette Institute but wish to remain anonymous, you can send us mail without a return address. The Institute’s mailing address is: Wilmette Institute, 1233 Central Street, Evanston, IL, USA 60201-2886.

Will the Results of this Survey be Published? Yes, a summary of the results will be published in the August eNewsletter.



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