New 24/7/365 Anytime Course Starts in June

Starting on June 1 is Creating Marriage Well-Being from the Beginning, yet another 24/7 course. Its theme, like that of two courses launched in May, is marriage. This course is aimed at couples in the first five years of marriage (others are welcome too, including engaged couples) who want to strengthen their experience of the divine institution of marriage.

24-7-365 logoThe course is designed to help couples start and establish a marriage on a firm foundation, for Bahá’u’lláh refers to marriage as a “fortress for well-being and salvation.” Emphasis is on deepening their friendship, expanding communication and consultation skills, enhancing spiritual and physical well-being, and establishing roles and responsibilities as marriage partners.

Study in the course is self-guided, but mentoring support from faculty is available as needed. Participants will not have group participation unless they choose to set up a study group. Members of institutions or their agencies that support the health of relationships and marriages in the community are welcome at any time.

Other 24/7 Anytime Courses. The Wilmette Institute has eight Anytime Courses. By categories, these are:

Young Married Couple Brazil

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BUILDING BETTER MARRIAGES (for courting, engaged, and married couples)


For all the 24/7 courses, you can sign up anytime, work at your own pace (with the help of a mentor if needed), and finish when you feel you are done.

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