Two New 24/7/365 Anytime Courses Available Now and Another in June

24-7-365 logoThree new Anytime Courses are being added to the roster of courses already available 24/7/365. Two of the courses—Making Time and Service Choices as a Couple and Enhancing Love, Friendship, and Service in Your Marriage—begin on May 1 and will be followed by an additional course in June.

The Making Time and Service Choices as a Couple course begins by asking a question:

Is it possible to meet the challenge of making time and service choices as individuals and as a couple and family? Before and after marriage (and in all of life!) you face time choices. You want to stay connected with each other and your families, and you also want to be of service to your neighbors and community. We will help you understand the principles that relate to these choices and how to apply them in practical ways. We have made this course deliberately VERY SHORT for those who are time challenged!

The course contains two units: (1) Understanding Time and Service Choices and (2) Maintaining Your Couple Connection. Its audience is married couples and couples who are seriously courting or are engaged.

Enhancing Love, Friendship, and Service in Your Marriage is also designed for engaged and married couples. The Marriage Team describes the course this way:

In happy marriages, couples are intimate and loving companions who know each other well and who provide thoughtful service to each other. However, the press of busy lives can unconsciously lessen your connection. Engaged and married couples will deepen their understanding of each other with practical tools related to friendship, love, and service. You will choose couple practices to have as the culture of your marriage that enhance your unity and help you serve each other, your families, and outward to others.

The three units for this course are: (1) Growing Love and Unity, (2) Being Friends in Marriage, and (3) Serving Each Other and Others.

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Coming in June. The theme of marriage carries through in the 24/7 course to be launched in June. Starting on June 1 (when registration opens) is Creating Marriage Well-Being from the Beginning. The course is designed for couples in the first five years of marriage (others are welcome too, including engaged couples) who want to “strengthen their experience of the divine institution of marriage.”

Other 24/7 Anytime Courses. When the June 24/7 course launches, the Wilmette Institute will have eight such courses. By categories, these are:




For all the 24/7 courses, you can sign up anytime, work at your own pace (with the help of a mentor if needed), and finish when you feel you are done.


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