New Aids to Help Learners Navigate Moodle

Now available are two new aids for students learning how to navigate Moodle, the course-delivery system that the Wilmette Institute uses for its online courses. One is a video First-Timer’s Guide on how to log in to a course, create a course profile, and post comments in the course Forums. The second is a much-requested Like button.

First-Timer’s Guide: How-To Videos. The First-Timer’s How to Guide is actually a playlist of three videos that play sequentially. Click Play all to listen to all three videos at once, or click each title to listen to them one by one. The first is How to Log In to Your Course (1:20). That is followed by How to Set Up Your Course Profile (1:37). The third part tells you How to Post in the Course Forums (1:21). In the three videos, slightly more than four minutes (4:18 to be exact), a voice-over guides you through the three processes while you watch screenshots of exactly what you will see on your screen.
For those of you (like this writer) who like to see the how-to steps in written form, we have you covered. Below the video, you will find the text of the video, step by step, waiting for you to print it out. The text can also be found on the Tutorials page, and on the Technical Assistance page, paragraph 2, of the Wilmette Institute’s website. A direct link to the instructions is also available.




Like Button. The second aid for learners in Wilmette Institute courses is a Like button gradually being added to new courses. The Like button allows learners to click on postings in a Forum that they like, rather than repeating what someone else has posted.

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