New Appreciation for the Bahá’í Approach to Marriage and Family Life

Emma Barry, a volunteer at the Bahá’í World Center, Haifa, Israel, benefited from the Institute’s recent popular course Building the Fortress: Marriage and Family Life.

Emma BarryThe course material [for Building the Fortress] was informative, sometimes controversial and inspiring. I was able to post on a variety of topics, read what other people thought/felt about the course/materials, and keep materials I felt were useful to my further research. I was also able to reflect on various aspects of marriage and family and was able to initiate some interesting discussions with workmates about marriage and relationships.

I gained some insights. One which stands out immediately was the [article on] “creating a new Baha’i marriage culture.” The article summarized a lot of how I felt as a Baha’i youth growing up and what I see now in the community.

[The course helped me] improve my reading and research skills. I learned very quickly to skim and see if an article was worth exploring or reading to an intensive degree. I now have a better attitude to the outside world’s view of marriage. Not all the secular articles and links were negative towards marriage.

I can use the materials as research for maybe writing a book and in presenting talks and workshops.

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