New Course on The Hands of the Cause of God Available for February Registration

hands-of-the-cause-april-1963To inspire year-of-service volunteers and youth to dedicate their efforts to advancing the goals of the Five Year Plan, the Wilmette Institute, in the spring of 2016, developed a special one-month course entitled The Hands of the Cause of God: Pathways of Service. It offered the course to youth all across the country in two groups, one in May 2016 and another in August 2016. Some youth noted that the Hands’ dedication, consecration, devotion to prayer, determination, and confidence did, indeed, inspire them and help them rededicate themselves to their efforts to serve the Faith.

Now the Wilmette Institute has decided to offer the month-long course to everyone. Its base price is only $50 ($40 for seniors, students, and pioneers). The course on the Hands of the Cause of God is enriched with compilations, many published stories by the Hands, and a rich selection of videos about them.

Now that all of the Hands have departed from this world, a course on their unique contributions to the Bahá’í Faith is timely and allows us to be inspired by their service once again and to find in their firmness in the Covenant models of dedication for our own lives.

You can sign up for the course by clicking here.

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