New, Deep Discount for Wilmette Institute First-Timers

A First-Timer Discount! This is the name of a new Wilmette Institute offer that gives a deep discount to learners signing up for their first online course in 2019.

The offer means that, if you or a friend have never taken a course with the Wilmette Institute, you may now choose the First-Timer Discount when you register for your first course—which is US$10.00. The discount is good for all 2019 courses, except for the 24/7/365 courses, the three-month long course How to Organize and Maintain a Bahá’í Archives (which costs twice as much as most other courses), and the courses designed for college credit.

screenshot showing fee selection page with first-timer discount on top

Screen shot of Fee selection page showing First-Timer Discount

Tuition support is still available for anyone who needs it. As outlined in the Institute’s tuition support policy:

  • No one should be excluded from Wilmette Institute courses based on finances.
  • We ask you to consider your expenses carefully and to let the Wilmette Institute know what you can fairly and reasonably afford. Email us at

As a first-timer in a Wilmette Institute course, you can help the Institute and also help yourself.

To ensure that you get into your preferred course (or future courses), you can help the Wilmette Institute plan ahead. We invite you to complete one or more of the Institute’s surveys of its departments and independent sections (this is also a good way for you as a first-timer to learn about the Wilmette Institute’s offerings).

The surveys take about two minutes to complete. If you have signed up for a first-time discount and want to take yet another course, we can help you with another discount. If you provide your contact details, the Institute, as a bonus, will notify you in time for you to register early for the course and to receive a 10 percent discount. Here are six surveys:

The Wilmette Institute looks forward to “seeing” you in its six surveys and/or in the 2019 online courses for which you sign up. And it hopes to see many new faces taking advantage of the First-Timer Discount.

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