New Electronic Course Catalog on the Wilmette Institute’s Home Page

If you are one given to poking around web pages, you may have already discovered a new link on the Wilmette Institute’s home page: 2019 Courses: Catalog.

If you haven’t found the link, now is the time to seek it out. It is just below: Welcome! Upcoming Courses. This new electronic catalog will eventually replace the Institute’s current listing of upcoming courses by title and dates only.

If you find visuals easier than written instructions for learning something new, watch this video to see how to navigate the new Course Catalog. If you like visuals + written instructions, watch the video and then read the written instructions.

Course Listings. In the new Course Catalog, you will first find several 24/7/365 courses that are offered year round. Right now there are five such courses.

Next, listed by month, you will find the Wilmette Institute’s regular online courses (which, as of this writing, go through May 2019). Each course gives you the following information:

  • The course’s title.
  • The course’s beginning and ending dates.
  • A map-marker icon identifying the subsection under which the course falls (if applicable) and a reminder that the Institute provides Online Learning. The subsections for 2019 are three: Bicentenary Courses, Parenting Section, and 24/7/365.

Typical course entries in the new catalog

  • A More Details link. Clicking on this link (or anywhere in the catalog entry) opens a pop-up box that provides the final date for registering for the course and also a View the Website link where you can read the course summary, review the course fees, and register for the course.
  • A black-and-white tag with the name of the Wilmette Institute department or independent section in which the course is being offered.

Searching for Courses by Keyword and Date. The new Course Catalog offers two ways for searching for courses and their dates. The first way is by Keyword and Date. Look for this option above the list of courses.

Search by keyword and date

Searching for courses by categories

Searching for Courses by Categories. You can also search for courses by categories by using Filter Events. The Filter Events, alphabetically, are the names of the Wilmette Institute’s departments (such as Bahá’í History and Texts) or independent sections (for example, Bahá’í Community and Administration). You can check All or check as many or as few categories as you choose.

  • All
  • Bahá’í Community and Administration
  • Bahá’í History and Texts
  • Marriage and Family
  • Religion, Philosophy, and Theology
  • Social Transformation

To access the Wilmette Institute’s last independent section, click on Show More (most programs have limitations; this one only lists All and five categories):

  • The Arts and Writing

If you change your mind, click on Reset Filter.

Give Us Feedback. The Wilmette Institute hopes that you will find the new Course Catalog helpful and easy to use. Bear with us as we refine it. And please give us your feedback at


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