New Layers of Revelation Open with a Study of the Writings of the Báb

William J. Martin, Jr., from Lansing, Michigan, is a gardener and a drummer who participates in Native American healing ceremonies. He is especially interested in the science of the mind/body connection. The Writings of the Báb was his first Wilmette Institute course.

The insights I have gained are so much more than I expected. Before I really thought I had some inkling of the station of the Báb, and now I have come to realize that I know nothing. I am doing my best not to feel so ignorant. I was very blessed to have had such wonderful, insightful classmates. The postings that came from this class were invaluable. There is a passage in the Bible which states that “with all thy getting, get understanding,” and I am striving to do just that. The information gained in this course is beyond understanding with the mind; it requires the true understanding of the heart of the individual. In comparison to where I was before the course and now is a world apart. My heart now soars, having been opened to the higher realities of the writings as well as the life of His Holiness, the Báb.

Most of my life I have studied the metaphysical aspects of life and healing, yet after this course I now know that, in comparison, the other teachings were but a drop compared to the ocean of reality revealed through the Báb, peace be upon Him. To sum this up: there is no comparison to anything I have ever read before in the holy writings of our beloved faith.

So beautifully layered the language of the writings are, more than I thought I had known coming into this course. I believe the Báb said that each letter has seventy meanings and that reminds me of when I first encountered the faith. In our Native teachings I had been taught of the “circle of life,” the “Medicine Wheel,” and how to use this as a guide throughout my life. Now it seems I indeed have come full circle. I say this, as the very first time I was given the opportunity to read from the prayer book, I started to cry uncontrollably, and I looked at the person who had handed me the book and asked, “Who are these people, for I know they must be from another plane of existence for these words are layered with meaning and truth as none I have ever seen”? Now, upon taking this course, I have a better understanding of how correct that was, and yet I have not even scratched the surface yet.

I am very excited and invigorated to be able to now bring these teachings to another level for myself and, in turn, with God’s grace, be able to present them to my community as well as any seeker. I know I still have a long way to go, yet, with the knowledge gained here. I have new confidence to share. The great part is that, if I do not have the information I need upon my tongue, I do now know where to look to find the answers.