New Surveys about Wilmette Institute Courses: Help Us Help You Plan Ahead

survey iconThe Wilmette Institute is increasing its efforts to help you, our learners, to plan ahead. Thus it very much wants to hear from you so that it can plan better for serving your needs in 2019 (and beyond). What do you want to learn about next? Do you need help in paying for our courses? Do study groups appeal to you? Would a family rate be helpful? What haven’t we even thought of?

In November the Institute debuted a survey called Bicentenary Courses Survey about the six courses it will offer next year in preparation for the bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb in October 2019.

Now the Institute has launched six new surveys, each focusing on one of its four departments and its two independent sections. We invite you to choose from the list below and take one or more surveys. Each should take only two or three minutes to complete. At the end of each survey you will have the option of requesting a reminder email when the course(s) of your choice are ready for early registration; if you choose this option, be sure to given us your email. Here are the six choices:

Responses to the survey about the courses for the Bicentenary of Birth of the Báb are still coming in. We hope to tabulate and share them with you in January. Tabulations of the six surveys above will follow.

How does helping the Wilmette Institute help you actually benefit you now? A very concrete way is your getting notices about early enrollment (a 10 percent discount) in courses that you are interested in taking. At the end of each survey you take, please type in your name and email address. You will receive a friendly reminder about your chosen courses from the Institute. If the course dates change, we will also let you know. And if you decide to form a study group, the Institute can offer advice and assistance (if you need it).

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