New to the Wilmette Institute: Register-When-You-Need-It Courses

24-7-365 logoStarting on May 1, 2017, Wilmette Institute has a new exciting offering: Register-When-You-Need-It Courses with the slogan “Sign up anytime. Work at your own pace.” What does that mean?

  • You can register 24/7/365.
  • You can take such courses when YOU need them, not on someone else’s schedule.
  • You or couples or families or community groups can sign up.
  • You will have units with reading assignments and questions to discuss.
  • Faculty-mentors will be available to help and guide your study when you need them.

The first in the new series is Engaging in Parental Consent for Marriage. It is a four-unit course centered in the Baha’i belief that marriage is intended to be a unifying experience for a family. It explores the knowledge and skills needed during courtship as well as those that help build family unity throughout the process leading up to marriage. The course covers the purpose and process of parental consent, a requirement for Baha’i marriages; the couple’s responsibilities during courtship and before asking parents for consent to marry; parental responsibilities during courtship, consent, and engagement; and building a united family.

Why is the Wilmette Institute beginning with a course on parental consent? Falling in love and moving toward asking parents for permission to marry is not something that happens once a year when the course is scheduled. Hence learning more about courtship and asking permission to marry need to be available at all times and at all hours of the day or night—24/7/365.

To sign up for Engaging in Parental Consent for Marriage, see the top of the column listing courses for the next three months.

Watch for announcements for additional courses in the “Register-When-You-Need-It Course” series. Thinking about Relationships and Marriage? is tentatively scheduled for August or October 2017.

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