New URL for Online Course Delivery System and New Upgrades

On Monday, October 27, the Wilmette Institute moved its online courses to its own website from Classroom Revolution, which had hosted them for the last two years. To make the move the entire system was down for sixteen hours. The new system, when it came online, functioned quite well.

What will you, the user, find on the new website? For one thing, you will find that it is much faster than the old system. You will also find some small changes in the appearance of the site because the Moodle course-management system was upgraded from version 2.5 to 2.6. A single minor problem (postings were not being emailed out to everyone) was resolved on October 28.

You will also find a new url. Wilmette Institute courses used to be located at Now you will find them at a new site: The old site will continue to function until November 25. If you forget and log on with the old url, you will get a screen with a link to the new site (where, unfortunately, you will need to log in again). Because the new site is a “subdomain” (as “courses.” indicates), an automatic redirect on the old site is not possible. Our public Web page,, has a link to the new courses pages in its lower left corner under “links.”

The Wilmette Institute staff recommends that any learner currently taking a course check their SPAM filter to make sure course postings are not going there. Because the online courses are at a new website, that could happen.

Because of the Moodle upgrade, the software that links Moodle to the registration system (which is on another computer run by Cvent, a commercial event registration system) must also be updated. Currently, the staff is transferring registrations to each course by hand. This may be necessary for the first week or two of November.

Once the software is in place, the Wilmette Institute staff plans to “spruce up” the site’s appearance and also to create some new possibilities for expanding the Institute’s services. All the changes should enable the Wilmette Institute to grow and pursue new approaches to online education.