World Religions

LaotzuConfuciusBuddhaA central concept of the Bahá’í Faith is progressive revelation, that all the major world religions come from God and that their founders are Manifestations of God.  The revelation becomes embodied in scriptures to provide humanity with guidance about how to live life and to know and worship God. One purpose of the Wilmette Institute is to offer introductory courses on the religions of the world, their founders, and their holy books.  Within a span of three years, the Institute offers a series of “Deepening and Dialogue” courses on seven religions, along with the “Exploring” courses focusing on the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, New Testament, and Qur’án. It also offers a course on Shi’i Islam, on Shaykhi Islam, and several courses about the phenomenon of religion in general.

These courses are especially useful for those who wish to have a deeper understanding of recent immigrant communities or who anticipate participation in interfaith activities.  We encourage the formation of local Study Groups, who enjoy regular meetings to share resources, discuss study questions, talk to their mentor by telephone, and view videos.

2017 Courses:

Exploring the New Testament
02/01/17 to 03/28/17 (closed)

Islam for Deepening and Dialogue
02/15/17 to 04/04/17 (closed)

Native American Religion and Spirituality
04/01/17 to 05/26/17 (closed)

Christianity for Deepening and Dialogue
04/10/17 to 06/04/17 (closed)

Hinduism for Deepening and Dialogue
05/15/17 to 07/02/17 (closed)

The Bahá’í Faith: A Comprehensive Introduction
07/07/17 to 08/31/17 (closed)

Zoroastrianism for Deepening and Dialogue
08/25/17 to 10/12/17 (closed)

Exploring the Qur’án
09/15/17 to 11/16/17 (registration closed)

Exploring the Book of Revelation
10/01/17 to 11/17/17 (new course, registration closed)

The Covenants of the Baha’i Faith
11/05/17 to 12/30/17 (registration closed)

Bahá’í Theology
12/07/17 to 02/14/18

Faculty Include: Necati Alkan, Ted Brownstein, Christopher Buck, Kamao Cappo, Daniel Gebhardt, Phillip Hainsworth, Barney Leith, Susan Maneck, Moojan Momen, Lil Abdo Osborn, Anne Pearson, Daniel Pschaida, Robert Stockman