The Arts

WashingtonThe Bahá’í Faith and the Arts
03/15/17 to 04/25/17 (closed)
This course reviews the Baha’i authoritative texts and writings by Baha’is about the nature and purpose of the arts.

Gifts of the Spirit: The Spiritual Practice of Creative Writing
09/01/17 to 10/19/17 (closed)
The goal of this course will be to complete a literary project and also to understand what kind of work must be done in order to achieve publication. Some of the work produced in this course may be considered for the online journal of the arts at

Faculty who teach our Arts courses include Sandra Hutchison and Anne Perry.

We do not recommend that anyone register for a course more than three months in advance, because course dates sometimes must change, or courses may have to be canceled. This rarely happens within three months of the course’s starting date.