Radio Bahá’í, WLGI, in South Carolina Now Available on Computers, Tablets, or Smartphones

Radio Bahá’í, WLGI, located at the Louis G. Gregory Institute in South Carolina, can now be heard live on a computer, tablet, or smart phone. 

Programming at the Bahá’í-owned and operated radio station includes Bahá’í prayers, recitation of verses from the Hidden Words and other Bahá’í writings, explanations of Bahá’í principles and teachings, and greetings from individual Bahá’ís living in the Southeastern part of the United States and beyond. The music programming ranges from gospel to smooth jazz with encouraging and joyful lyrics.

To listen on an Android or Apple device, such as a Nexus tablet, iPad, iPhone or Samsung phone, download the TuneIn application from the Android or Apple App stores. The app is free and features thousands of radio stations from all over the world. Search “WLGI” to find “Radio Bahá’í: Love, Peace and Unity” and to listen live.

To listen on a laptop or desktop computer, the process is more complicated now but will become easier after all the programs and permissions have been sorted out. For instructions, visit the WLGI website. Note that the instructions may work differently depending upon the browser you use—Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. This page also has a comment section where you can leave technical questions.

More information about how to listen to WLGI online and about WLGI programming is featured on the station’s Facebook page and WLGI on Twitter.