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If you are joining us and are in a challenged marriage, please know that we will not ask you to post anything personal or difficult on a public discussion forum. All participants have a faculty-mentor who is available by private email to discuss the application of the course materials to your life. We do not do counseling with participants; however, we are often able to suggest helpful resources and accompany you as needed toward creating a better situation. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Susanne M. Alexander, Department Chair,

2020 Courses

MF010 Creating Unity with Friendship, Fun, Laughter, and Social Vitality
05/25/20 to 07/12/20

New: MFY01 Foundations for Relationships-Ages 18-30
06/01/20 to 07/19/20

MF070 Embracing a Spiritual Identity of Motherhood
08/31/20 to 10/11/20

New: *MF040 Utilizing Consultation in Marriage and Family
09/14/20 to 10/25/20

MF056 Helping Families Navigate Media and Screen Time
10/19/20 to 11/22/20

New: *MF038 Spiritualizing Your Money in Marriage
11/16/20 to 12/27/20

New: MF080 Raising Spiritual Families
11/23/20 to 01/03/21

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