Religion, Theology, and Philosophy

Co-Chairs: Dr. Moojan Momen and Dr. Mikhail Sergeev
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RL330 Introduction to Islam
06/11/20 to 08/12/20

RL023 Exploring the Book of Revelation
06/25/20 to 08/12/20

RL050 Buddhism for Deepening and Dialogue
07/23/20 to 09/02/20

RL332 Introduction to Shi’i Islam
09/17/20 to 11/18/20

RL013 Exploring the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
10/08/20 to 11/26/20

Philosophy and Theology

PT094 Science, Religion, and the Bahá’í Faith
08/20/20 to 10/14/20

PT080 Philosophy and the Bahá’í Faith
12/10/20 to 01/27/21