Revised “How to Use Moodle” e-Book: New Help for Updated Moodle

A revised and expanded version of the “How to Use Moodle” e-book has recently been uploaded in Moodle, the course-management system the Wilmette Institute uses for its courses. 

The new version can be accessed on Moodle’s “Learning Center Home Page” and also on the “Classroom Page” of any course.

The revised e-book now contains sixteen frequently asked questions, ranging from “How do I access my course?” and “How do I add an attachment to a posting?” to “I just typed a lot of text and lost it. Can I get it back?”

The new e-book features bulleted steps to walk learners through creating a Personal Learning Plan, making a posting, updating one’s profile, finding one’s mentor, and much more.

Our thanks go to Christine Schmitz (a Wilmette Institute student), who suggested the bulleted format, and to Dr. Betty J. Fisher (another Wilmette Institute student and faculty member), who edited the e-book, checking the accuracy of every step in each answer to each question.

The Introduction to the e-book states that “We are constantly adding to the e-book to make your use of Moodle quick and easy.” The Introduction goes on to encourage learners to e-mail additional questions and also to suggest additional modifications to

The Wilmette Institute staff looks forward to your feedback on the revised “How to Use Moodle” e-book and to comments on anything that needs to be changed. No manual like this one is perfect.