Sandra Lynn Hutchison, “Windows on Divine Wisdom: Accessing the Meaning of the Bahá’í Revelation”

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Because the Bahá’í writings constitute a large and challenging body of work, many readers feel overwhelmed in approaching them and daunted by the task of unraveling the richly metaphorical language in in which they were revealed. Dr. Sandra Lynn Hutchison will seek answers to the following questions: How can we approach the combined works that comprise Bahá’í scripture in a systematic way? What skills can we develop to help us as readers in our search for the “hidden gift” that Bahá’u’lláh tells us is “contained” in the Word of God? (Prayers and Meditations 83) In an effort to answer these questions, she will examine the guidance offered in the Bahá’í writings about how to become an engaged and enlightened reader of the texts. She will also demonstrate how various literary and exegetical tools might be combined to create a systematic method for accessing the meaning of the Bahá’í revelation.

Sandra HutchisonSandra Lynn Hutchison is the author of two books, Chinese Brushstrokes (Turnstone Press, Winnipeg, 1996), a memoir of her time in China in the prelude to and aftermath of the Tiananmen Incident; and The Art of Nesting (George Ronald, Oxford, 2008), a book of poems.

Sandra holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto and has taught at universities around the world, including in mainland China and Hong Kong, where she served as a pioneer for a number of years. She currently serves as a homefront pioneer in Orono, Maine with her husband and her twelve year old daughter, Shira. In addition to writing books, she teaches at the University of Maine and holds the position of Maine Studies Research Associate. For the past three years, she has served as poetry editor of the Maine literary journal Puckerbrush Review.

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