Scholarship Fund: Many Thanks, and We Need More Help

To date, the Wilmette Institute’s annual fund-raiser has raised $3,320.00!

The Wilmette Institute Board and staff send their heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated so generously so that many learners will benefit from the scholarships that you have made possible. 

But there is much more to do.

The Wilmette Institute’s goal is to raise $20,000 to enable it to offer 300 scholarships during the fiscal year May 2013–April 2014.

During the last fiscal year, we awarded $15,000 in scholarships and discounts to help needy learners.

Now we are finding that the demand for scholarships and discounts is increasing at the same time that our scholarship funds are decreasing. We do not like to turn scholarship applicants away. Yet we cannot give out scholarships without money to back them up.

In addition, we know that many people who feel they cannot afford Wilmette Institute courses do not bother to contact us. We want to be able to serve them as well as the ones who do ask for help.

About the need for scholarships, one faculty members recently wrote to say:

Until I taught some Wilmette Institute courses, I had no idea how dire the circumstances of the lives of some the students are. Yet, despite the challenges in their lives, their determination to learn more, to add to their skills, to share their new knowledge with their local study circles and communities, to contribute to the goals of the Five Year Plan, and to enter the discourses prevalent in our society is breathtaking. How can we not support the scholarship fund?

So please donate!

Unfortunately, we cannot accept donations via the Web because only Bahá’ís can give. To donate:

Wilmette Institute
Bahá’í National Center
1233 Central Street
Evanston, IL, USA 60201-2886