Sharing the Báb and His Writings with Others

The Writings of the Báb (2019)
Moojan Momen, Armin Eschraghi

Nick Carter has developed new skills and confidence as a result of taking the course The Writings of the Báb. Here, in his own words, are his post-course reflections.

“I did accomplish the goals I set for myself when I engaged in this course. I am extremely pleased with the way the course went and grateful for the opportunity to compare this iteration to the course I took in the early part of the century with a group of friends in Okotoks, Alberta. I feel the value of the course has increased greatly for me for many reasons. It has been a wonder-filled experience and I am thankful.

Mecca in 1850

Mecca in 1850

I have come to understand that the writings of the Báb require a great understanding of the events surrounding the Báb at the time of writing. We must also understand the direction the Báb was attempting to lead his audience and the strategy he chose for revealing and teaching. Through this course I better understand the background and have learned the areas I need to study to attain a greater understanding and appreciation for these beautiful writings.

I have improved my study skills to some degree and my ability to share my findings with my community.

I continuously experience awe of the Báb and His writings, actions, and life. I have developed an attitude of greater respect for the learned professors and researchers who are continuing to open these insights to us all.

I value the patience of the instructors of the courses more and more. I am overcoming the misgivings I had felt upon coming across conflicting information in the historical documents.

I have been utilizing the materials I study to offer deepenings for my community. This has been successful in boosting enthusiasm for sharing information within and beyond our local community, I believe. I shall have to run a survey in the near future to be sure of my assumption.

After the deepenings I hope to use subsets of the material to create firesides for introducing people who show a keen desire to see the history of the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh and the Faith of God. With the celebration of the bicentennial of the birth of the Báb this project will be completed and the deepenings will likely take the form of understanding guidance coming from the Universal House of Justice in the beautiful letters that body sends to all of us.”

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