Sharing Your Six-Word Essays, Impressions, Reminiscences, or Stories

As part of the Wilmette Institute’s celebration of its twentieth anniversary (1995–2015), it has sent e-mails to online learners (1998–present) and to students in the Spiritual Foundations for a Global Civilization program (SFGC,1996–2005), inviting them to share stories about their Wilmette Institute experience. In case we have missed any of our students, we ask you to share impressions with us and with the some 8,000 learners who have taken part in Wilmette Institute courses.

What is the Wilmette Institute hoping to receive? We invite you

  1. to share with us your impressions of your Wilmette Institute experience or
  2. to capture a favorite reminiscence or
  3. to relate a favorite story that is dear to you or,
  4. to tell us how Wilmette courses have enabled you to teach the Faith or participate in public discourse or, for something completely different,
  5. to capture your Wilmette Institute experience in an “Essay of six well-chosen words.”

To see examples of six-word “essays” and stories and impressions, see the story in this eNewsletter called “Other Six-Word Essays and Comments on a Course on Bahá’í Archives: Helping to Celebrate the Wilmette Institute’s Twentieth Anniversary.” You can also find six-word “essays” on the home page (lower right corner) of the Wilmette Institute’s public website

Please send you impressions, reminiscences, stories, teaching or public-discourse experiences, or “essays of six well-chosen words” (or all five!) to: Dr. Betty J. Fisher,, and copy to Dr. Robert Stockman,

We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps sharing your comments with fellow Wilmette Institute learners and faculty.

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