Six-Word Essays: Capturing the Spirit of the Wilmette Institute

In our February 2015 eNewsletter, as part of the Wilmette Institute’s Twentieth Anniversary celebrations, we invited learners in its Spiritual Foundations for a Global Civilization program and/or its online courses to capture their experiences with the Wilmette Institute, or their understanding of it, in the briefest possible of essays: “Essays of six well-chosen words,” most of which we have posted on the home page of our public website: Recently we received two more six-word essays.

Candyce Ricco, an isolated older believer from East Branch, New York, USA, who has to drive one-and-half to three hours to visit other Baha’is, and who has taken some eight Wilmette Institute courses, sent this:

Bantering Conversations become learning becoming deepening.

Jeanne Barzydlo, a pioneer in Majuro, in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and a veteran of several Wilmette Institute courses, shared this:

Truly, reward commensurate with effort exerted.

Then we discovered who revived the six-word essays. For the Parliament of World Religions held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, on October 15–19, 2015, Nicola Daniels, a member of the Wilmette Institute Board, posted on the Wilmette Institute’s YouTube channel a new three-minute introduction to the Institute. She began by using a six-word essay sent in by Donna Pickel of St. Marys, Ontario, Canada: “Enriching learning, spiritual expansion, warm community.” Then she concluded her short talk by sharing a number of other six-word essays (which can also be read on the home page of the Wilmette Institute’s public website

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