Social Networking Will Help Wilmette Institute to Grow

How can you use social networking to promote and expand the Wilmette Institute? With the web, you can reach out to your friends and relatives, extending your personal one-on-one “word of mouth” to promote Wilmette Institute courses and to find new students and new resources.

Facebook square iconYour Facebook page is a great place to talk about the Wilmette Institute. You can “like” the Wilmette Institute Facebook page and then receive regular updates about Institute activities. If you think a future course sounds particularly interesting, you can “share” it with the world or with a few selected friends.

When you enroll in a new course, you can tell your friends about it on Facebook. If you enjoy an assigned book or author, post a note on Facebook and say so. If you find faculty members very helpful, let your friends know. And when you complete your course, give yourself a “pat on the back” as you share the news with friends on Facebook.  Most likely, a friend or two will ask to hear more about your Wilmette Institute experience. Perhaps in the future, you can form an online study group and take a class together.

Twitter square icon2Twitter is another way to promote Wilmette Institute courses. The Wilmette Institute has a Twitter account and sends out announcements about new courses as they are opened for enrollment. You can “follow” the Wilmette Institute on Twitter at #WilmetteInst or #Bahai and then forward what you find most interesting to your followers.

You can also use your own Twitter account to share your most excellent burst of learning in an engaging 140 character tweet. Imagine what the Hand of the Cause William Sears (an early television personality) could have done with Twitter!

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