New Solution-Based Courses for 2020

WI logoThe Wilmette Institute is pleased to announce its 2020 Course Schedule. You can view the entire list of 59 unique courses, or visit the Departmental pages for listings of courses in:

Brand New Solution-Based Courses. Last month the Wilmette Institute published an article by Susanne M. Alexander, Head of the Department of Marriage and Family, about “New Courses for Challenged Marriages.” The Department is designing six new courses for 2020: Strengthening Married Individuals, Re-Connecting As Marriage Partners, Navigating Our Differences in Marriage, Utilizing Consultation in Marriage and Family, Spiritualizing Your Money in Marriage, and Raising Spiritual Families.

Starting with the Department of Social Transformation, the Institute has embarked on a review of its courses to ensure their alignment with its newly revised Mission Statement and Guiding Principles.

Mission Statement of the Wilmette Institute (2019)
An agency of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States

The Wilmette Institute is a Bahá’í-inspired educational institution offering courses in Bahá’í history and texts, and social transformation. It serves learners of diverse backgrounds and ages, and facilitates consultation, action, and reflection for personal and collective transformation toward the common good.

Guiding PrinciplesDiverse group of smiling people looking up

  • The nobility of human beings propels people toward building an ever-advancing civilization.
  • Both science and religion are used to independently investigate reality.
  • Interrelated problems require a holistic approach for interdisciplinary solutions.
  • Scholarship does not begin and end with words but combines theory and praxis in study, consultation, action and reflection.
  • Sustainable social change requires the development of human capacity, in order that people become the protagonists of their own material and spiritual development.
  • Universal peace and justice can be realized through a planetary consciousness of the oneness of humanity and the interconnectedness of the earth and all its inhabitants.

Faculty in the Social Transformation Department are working to align their course learning outcomes more closely with these guiding principles, and with the revised institutional Learning Outcomes (see below). Apart from the Marriage and Family courses mentioned above, among the courses that will be most greatly impacted by this new focus on the role of the protagonist for social change are: Racism in America, Science, Religion, and the Baha’i Faith, and Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue.

The Wilmette Institute’s Desired Learning Outcomes
The Wilmette Institute designs its courses to meet these learning outcomes. Every course does not focus on all these outcomes:

  • Knowledge:
    Demonstrate knowledge and interdisciplinary insights gained from the courses and service-learning.
  • Abilities:
    Independently investigate reality to discern fact from conjecture.
    Analyze complex and interrelated family, community, and global problems through critical systems thinking.
    Explore the intricate connections between spiritual and material solutions to social issues through research, praxis, and use of the arts.
    Engage in public discourse, consultation, service-learning, and consciousness-raising in interdisciplinary, interfaith, and intercultural contexts.
  • Application:
    Apply knowledge, spiritual principles, insights and skills to:

    • one’s individual reality,
    • marriage, parenting, and family-building,
    • community-building efforts,
    • participatory social action, and
    • social discourse, with the goal of both spiritual and material progress.

Registration is now open for all 2020 courses up to the end of July, except for the college level courses listed below. To be kept up-to-date on the Institute’s plans for these and other college level courses, contact the Registrar’s office by emailing

PT385 Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue
04/02/20 to 06/24/20
HS305 An Introduction to Bahá’í History, 1844-present
06/04/20 to 08/29/20
RL330 Introduction to Islam
06/11/20 to 09/02/20
SC315 The Bahá’í Faith and Social Change
06/18/20 to 09/09/20

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