Springboard Course Helps Connect Neighbors in a More Focused Way

Sherna Deamer of San Diego, California, through the Springboard for the Five Year Plan course, was drawn to the core purposes of the Institute Process, which have given her a new vision for how to connect with her neighbors.

Sherna DeamerThe Institute process is teaching us skills–to teach with ease about the person of Baha’u’llah and His revelation, to nurture the hearts and minds of children, to channel the energies of junior youth, to unite with others in prayer, to enable people from varied backgrounds to explore the application of the Teachings to their individual and collective lives. . . .

In addition to hosting children’s classes and the English practice for adults, in September my husband and I are going to start hosting weekly firesides based on Ruhi 1, and more seriously advertise the devotional meetings we have been holding. Also, we’ve made a map of our neighborhood and are getting much more systematic about learning who our neighbors are and what their interests are in relationship to community building. (We already have quarterly brunches for the immediate neighbors because we took emergency response training, and these brunches were suggested to build community so that if a natural disaster happens people know what to expect and who to go to: us. We’re the “safe house.”) So we’re busy. And will get more busy, trying to do our part.

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