Springboard Course Improves Computer Skills and Knowledge of Online Baha’i Resources

Nekicia Luckett of Lamma Island, Hong Kong, discovered, while taking Springboard for the Five Year Plan, a wealth of Baha’i resources throughout the World Wide Web.

Lekicia LuckettI have taken my first online course and have given myself the time and the opportunity to really deepen on the letters and to really think about how I can and will be a better agent in this dynamic process. My computer skills have actually improved which, indirectly, is part of the Baha’u’llah’s plan for humanity! I am building my capacity and discovering, first-hand, what IS access to knowledge. I discovered that there were numerous Baha’i institutions that had been established years ago. There are many vehicles for people to gain access to the Faith. There are volumes of Baha’i literature online, including an extensive Baha’i reference library and several Baha’i applications on the iPhone.

Twice, since the course started, I gave Anna’s presentation from a beautiful powerpoint presentation that probably came from cyberspace. The mode in which I presented it was very appropriate for the viewers. I reached them by engaging in social discourse regarding the betterment of the world and finding common points of interest. I was able to help satisfy their interest by directing them to the information they were seeking (that could be found in the Baha’i writings and in compilations) about the plight of humanity and its fate.

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