Still Ready for Big Surprises

Judi Flowers from San Jose, Arizona, has been a member of the Baha’i Faith for about forty years. An African American originally from Boston, she spent six months on Raratonga, Cook Islands, and six years in Tasmania, Australia. Judi is currently building Youth Animator teams in her local cluster in southern Arizona.

The most important lesson for me [from the course on Social Action and Public Discourse] has been that this work we are engaged in will take centuries to bear its true fruits. In addition, the concept of capacity relative to human resources, material resources, and especially spiritual maturity has become clear. Without adequate mature participation of intelligent, committed, and sacrificing souls there can be no sustaining of goals won. The Universal House of Justice has given the world the four core activities through which to achieve this maturity and coordinate a sustainable unified effort.

The fruits of this wisdom have already revealed themselves in many parts of the world, and those who use them find greater enjoyment in their lives and dealings with others. As the fruits of these efforts produce results the administrative order will respond in kind causing an increasing need for patience, flexibility, and obedience in those involved.

We cannot ever really see the whole picture as it is constantly changing, constantly becoming more beautiful. There is room for tremendous creativity and individual input. The path is wide, but we must stay on it.

I have learned to really listen to others.

I have learned to respect my own opinion without clinging to it.

I have learned to enjoy both seeing others have the same point of view as well as opening my mind to ones differing.

I am more able to use my computer in more varied ways.

I have learned that I am both nothing and everything when it’s time for humble learning or courageous effort. . . . I feel ready for big surprises.