Strengthening Married Individuals: Anonymous Registration opens soon

In 2020, the Marriage and Family Department is launching new courses for marriages experiencing challenges. Courses will address the strengthening of individual partners, increasing couple connection, navigating differences, consultation skills, money issues, and more.

The Wilmette Institute is providing an anonymous registration option to any learner who wishes to participate anonymously. This is an optional offer; participants are free to register normally, using their real name. The first course to offer anonymous registration will be “Strengthening Married Individuals.” Anonymous registration will open on January 3 and run through January 13.

How will anonymous registration work? Registrants will be asked to provide an Alias on registration. Their real name will not be transferred to the course, and will only be accessible to the Registrar, the Head of the Marriage and Family Department, the Director, and the learner’s faculty-mentor.

In addition, all learner email addresses and residential information (city and state/province) will be hidden from other learners in the course.

What if I already have a Moodle profile with a photograph? If you have taken a previous WI course with the email address you provide at registration, your Alias name will replace your real name in the Moodle software, and any profile information you had entered previously will be available to course participants. You are therefore advised to a) use an alternate email address, or b) change your profile before you register to make it anonymous (remove the photo if needed, and remove any identifying information in the “About Me” section of your profile).

For a list of the courses that will feature anonymous registration,in the Marriage Department, see the Relationships and Marriage page.

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