Student Finds a Course Useful at one of the 41 Conferences

Sandra Ballester of Norwich, U.K., shared the following during the course Arise for the Triumph of the Cause: The Five Year Plan.

I’ve just attended our regional conference (in London).  This Wilmette course proved to be of immense usefulness in my appreciation of the conference.  If I hadn’t done this course I would probably have been quite mystified and overwhelmed by the whole thing.  As it was, I felt knowledgeable about the general direction, history and thrust of the Plans, so things made sense.  Thank you, Wilmette!

However, after the conference I was left with questions about our understanding of the Major and Minor Plans of God and our role in them.  There was no opportunity to ask about this at the conference.  I am putting this question here because it was in this course that I first came across these concepts and thought I had understood them. . . . [Sandra then asked a question to the class about building up the Bahá’í community and its relationship to the two Plans.]

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