Student Makes Personal Plans for the Five Year Plan

Cheryl Crane of Petersfield, Manitoba, Canada, shared the following about Arise for the Triumph of the Cause: The Five Year Plan.

The course has helped me focus my energies, given me knowledge to understand why we do what we do, and gave me more courage to step outside my shell and attempt things for the Faith that I would not normally do.

I have set, as one of my personal goals for the Five Year Plan, to take courses from the Wilmette Institute which will increase my effectiveness as a Bahá’í teacher, will give me skills which I can use for the betterment of my community, allow me be serve the Institutions as a tutor, mentor, and teacher, and become an example of what anyone can do as a Bahá’í.  Since the instructions for what we are currently doing are in the messages from the Universal House of Justice and specifically outlined in the Five Year Plan I needed this course to give me the grounding for these personal goals. My personal growth, the fine tuning of my personal goals, and the renewed vigor that I feel that I am bringing to my self, family and community is the reward I have received for finishing this course.

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