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Patricia Richards, from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, has taken Wilmette Institute courses on Hinduism and the Christian Old Testament and is currently enrolled in Judaism for Deepening and Dialogue.   I think one of the key skills I have learned through this course on Hinduism for …

New Respect for Hinduism Opens a Way to Reach Hindu Seekers Read More »

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Cynthia McDaniel of northern Virginia, after taking the Wilmette Institute Course on the Tanakh ( the Christian Old Testament) and one previously on the Bible, found her eyes opened to seed-ideas in earlier scriptures that are explained fully in the …

Exploring the Tanakh (the Christian Old Testament) and the Bible Give a Deeper Understanding of All Scriptures Read More »

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Barbara Henes of Germantown, Wisconsin, has taken Wilmette Institute deepening-and-dialogue courses on Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism, as well as one on the Jewish Tanakh, and has learned how to approach seekers from other religions more effectively. I think I mentioned …

Deepening and Dialogue Lead to Greater Sympathy and More Effective Teaching Read More »

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