Take Your First Wilmette Institute Course for Free: This Is an Offer for Real!

Since the Wilmette Institute announced its “first-course-free” policy in mid-March, fifty-six people have taken advantage of the opportunity to take a Wilmette Institute online course for free. “We are very pleased with the results,” said Robert Stockman, the Institute’s Director, “for we want everyone to be able to take our courses, but some cannot afford our tuition. With a full-tuition discount, we have begun to reach many new people.” Dr. Stockman went on to say, “We have always had a policy that we will give people a full scholarship if they need it. But we find that many won’t ask. In addition, many of our courses have plenty of room for additional learners; filling the courses to capacity makes the discussions in the courses more vibrant.”

The Wilmette Institute plans to continue to promote its “first-course-free” policy into the future. If you or anyone you know wants to take their first Wilmette Institute course for free (or any subsequent course, if you can’t afford it!), please contact the Wilmette Institute at learn@wilmetteinstitute.org.

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