The Amazing Impact of Studying the Guardian

Jill Stepp Johnston describes the effect the course Shoghi Effendi: Life and Ministry had on her.

Jill Stepp JohnstonI am increasingly astounded by what the Guardian accomplished in so short a time and the cleverness with which he did it all. Just to name a couple of items: directing Bahá’ís in their wording and phraseology in letters to officials; translating The Dawn-Breakers early on to create a connection between North American and Persian believers which would motivate them to move out of their comfort zones to teach; meeting officials at the World Center instead of at their offices; always encouraging and seldom critical. All these examples demonstrate a great teacher who understands psychology! And building the International Archives Building from the rear forward to meet already established gardens: WOW! What an ingenious mind!

I have more clarity on what rigors the Guardian underwent in prosecution of the Will and Testament of `Abdu’l-Bahá and am now more cognizant of the work of the Guardian at the World Center, so I am better able to share my information with others. I am awe-struck at the Bahá’í Administrative Order. When compared with any of the world’s other systems, there is none that even comes close to having the capacity to bring about the unity of the world’s peoples.

My valuing of Shoghi Effendi the person, and of the Guardianship is heightened. I have already begun sharing snippets about the Guardian and the Administrative Order in conversations. My study partner and I will be creating one or more presentations for our cluster and Feast communities.

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