Secret of Divine Civilization Opened Doors to Studying the Baha’i Writings

Shahriar Farhadi of San Clemente, California, found The Secret of Divine Civilization an excellent book for learning about how to study the Baha’i writings and a medium for explaining Baha’i ideas to others.

Shahriar Farhadi[The Secret of Divine Civilization] “transcends the boundaries of both Iran and the nineteenth century. It is truly a work for all humanity and all seasons.”

This was the first time I had studied any of the Baha’i writings in such detail. I definitely gained a much better understanding of how to delve into the writings and not to just to “read it.” I would say that this outweighs all other goals I may have had.

I have started studying other material the same way I studied the material in this course. I especially look for commentaries to writings/tablets, such as the one available in the course.

I have been able to relate the material learned in several conversations (Baha’is and non-Baha’is). The learning is so broad that it seems to apply to many daily themes and not just the ones specifically studied.

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