The Wilmette institute and Begin a Collaboration

The Wilmette Institute and are planning a collaboration that will teach the Faith to a wide audience of the general public and promote Wilmette Institute courses. The Institute’s eNewsletter will call attention to articles on the website, particularly ones related to Wilmette Institute courses. In turn, will post short articles written by Wilmette Institute faculty, some of which will discuss the purposes and goals of upcoming Wilmette Institute courses they will be teaching. The articles will include links to course information. exists to teach the Bahá’í Faith online. The site seeks short, high-quality articles on Bahá’í-related topics that contain quotations from the Bahá’í writings. The staff of the site aims to gear its articles and headlines to optimize search-engine results, hoping that many people will find direct references to the Faith as they conduct Web searches on related topics.

In addition, the staff promotes its articles on the site itself, on all popular search sites (Google, Bing, and so on), and on Facebook and Twitter. Then the staff identifies seekers who use any one of a list of Bahá’í-related search terms as well as related ones, such as spiritual search and mysticism. People who use such search terms then see links to articles, which, in turn, generates significant traffic to the site, which now has more than 100,000 Facebook “likes.” Its total audience exceeds a quarter of a million people worldwide.

The Wilmette Institute hopes the faculty-written articles about upcoming Wilmette Institute courses will serve the dual purposes of providing introductory essays about the topics for the general public and of raising interest in the courses. The result will be greater interest in Wilmette Institute courses by those who are not Bahá’ís and greater awareness of Bahá’í teachings generally.